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Peck Development employs Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) Desktop Infrastructure. We deploy and manage desktops and devices that can be accessed from anywhere in a secure way. This allows remote users to access company resources  using desktop virtualization and leverage management of remote desktop services. 

  • Active Directory Backup and Recovery

  • Manage Read Only Domain Controllers

  • Managing AD DS Replication

  • Configure Active Directory in a Complex Enterprise Environment

  • Configure a Multi-Domain and Multi-Forest AD DS Infrastructure

    • Deploy Windows Server 2016 Domain Controllers within a Preexisting AD DS Environment

    • Upgrade Existing Domains and Forests

    • Configure Domain and Forest Functional Levels

    • Configure Trusts

    • Configure AD DS Sites and Subnets 

  • Create and manage Group Policy Objects

    • Configure multiple local Group Policies

    • Back up, Restore, Import, and Copy GPOs

    • Create and Configure a Migration Table

  • Configure Group Policy Settings

    • Configure software installation

    • Configure scripts

    • Configure folder redirection

  • Configure Group Policy preferences

    • Configure Group Policy preferences

    • Configure item-level targeting 

  • Configure service authentication and account policies

    • Create and configure MSAs and gMSAs

    • Manage SPNs Configure Kerberos Constrained Delegation

    • Configure virtual accounts Configure account policies

    • Configure and apply Password Settings Objects

    • Delegate password settings management

  • Maintain Active DirectoryInstall and configure AD CS

    • Install standalone CAs Install an AD DS integrated enterprise CA

    • Implement administrative role separation

    • Configure CA backup and recovery



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